Variable headspeed for the SPH5

In version 5 of the Jetcat ECU is the option to have 3 different speeds for the rotor head when used in a helicopter.

To access these variables the ECU needs to be hooked up and the GSU connected. The transmitter need not be on. A 3 way switch should be programmed to give low, medium and high output pulses to one channel and the Aux lead from the ECU should be plugged into that channel.

Switch on the Rx and if the ECU has not been taught the Tx it will say learn Tx. Go through that procedure as normal.

Set up the headspeed as normal for R0. This is described elsewhere on this page

Press and hold the LIMITS button and press the SELECT MENU button until you get to TURBINE LIMITS.

Release the LIMITS button and then press the + button to step through the menu. Keep pressing it until you get to the AUX CHANNEL FUNC menu

Press and hold CHANGE VALUE and press + repeatedly and the AUX CHANNEL FUNC will eventually read RPM-SWITCH ON. Release the CHANGE VALUE button

Repeatedly press the + button until you get back to the SHAFT HI R0. When you press it again you will see SHAFT HI R1 and again it will show SHAFT HI R2.

Turn on the transmitter and put the switch selected for the speed change control in either the slow, medium or high speed position. By Using the CHANGE VALUE and the + and - buttons you can alter the values of the slow, medium and high rpms. You must have the TX switch in the position of the speed you want to alter or the GSU will say THIS VALUE CANNOT BE CHANGED