This is a site devoted to my scale helicopters. I enjoy a challenge and rarely build a kit from scratch without changing it in some manner so if you are looking for a buildup of a stock kit you are unlikely to find it here unless it is very unusual.

Whenever I update my site I always change the latest update date so you can soon tell if I have posted anything new. I will post here occasinally when I have an interesting project on the go but if my time is spent in repairs and maintenance, and if you fly model helicopters you know how that goes, then I may not post for some time.

The picture above has an interesting story. My wife decided to commission an artist to paint a picture for my birthday. She found aviation art specialist Marcus Stewart on line who offered to do it for a reasonable price and between them they selected the above picture. I had no idea what they were up to and started building my Seaking, coincidentially in exactly the same color scheme and the only difference was I was modelling #27 whereas they picked #29. Just as I was starting to paint the model, many months after she had ordered the painting, the painting arrived. What a nice surprise!! Mr Stewart has done a superb job and the photo does not do the painting full justice. I think I now have to change #27 to #29, which is only a small change on the computer and a reprint of some vinyl.

If you have a question you think I may be able to help with e-mail me at Pwales at cfl dot rr dot com. I'm sure you can figure that one out. Remember my experiences are with larger more complex models so if you have a question about a 450 size scale heli, I would not know the answer so pose it on or There are lots of guys on these sites who know a lot more than me about anything smaller than 600 size helis.